d’verse Poets Pub – Poetics : The River

Paul Dear is the guest bartender at the Pub tonight and he’s got things flowing with the prompt ‘The River’

I wrote a river of words
In rhyme, free verse, sonnet
Then I built a little boat
And sailed from one end
Of your heart to the other
Avoiding rapids of heartbeats
And ripples of emotions
Listening for the echo of love
And hear only silence

seeking silence

in solitude I searched
for silence
– when the sun slid

above the horizon,
but heard instead the
happy chirping

of morning birds
– in the afternoon stillness
the sound of buzzing

filled the air as bees
went about their busy-ness
– as the sun gave up the day

and the dusk of evening
enveloped me,
but the breeze whispered

in the trees, rustling the leaves
– even under the gentle moon a
chorus of crickets were singing

In solitude I searched
for silence
and found peace instead


Tuesday Platform – the sound of silence