No Frog, No Sound

No Frog, No Sound


This poem is a shadow of

its former self, shedding syllables,

leaving a trail of letters behind




Its feet leave no trace of rhythm

There are no stanzas left, no

couplets standing in the moonlight

It can no longer count to 5-7-5

All that remains is an old pond

Day 15 of PAD has us writing a shadow poem

Untitled Placebo

Untitled (Placebo)

Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Will I ever recover
Discover how to get over
your absence
Prevents me from moving
Or staying I’m
Straying into moonbeams
Looking for a shadow
Indigo image
To take your place

Kerry has introduced us to the art of Felix Gonzalez-Torres for our inspiration in the Garden today

Missing Your Shadow

d”Verse Poets Quadrille # 17
De at whimsygizmo is asking us to write about shadows today

Missing Your Shadow
I walked around the lake
the way we used to do
and bought pellets to
feed the ducks
the way we used to do
I looked for you when I
heard the hawks over head
circling in the warm updrafts
I smiled at dogs and children
running past our favorite bench
but the joy was gone
As the sun cast long fingers
of orange across the water
I longed to see your shadow
fall across my path once more

Tan Renga 5

Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge – 5
“petal lanterns”

petal lanterns –
a waterfall of flowers
her lips touch mine

© Hamish Managua Gunn

the moon shines softly on us
we cast just one shadow