The Effects of Ida in a Small Pennsylvania Town

It rained for two days
Clouds, heavy with the remains
of Ida, cover the sky like a

sodden blanket tossed
over a clothes line
The rain gauge in the garden

overflowed and squirrels
birds, bees hunkered
down in whatever shelter they can find

A small leak appeared in my laundry room

and the ceiling dripped with the tears of Louisiana


d’Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille #111 – What’s That Rustling in the Eaves?
Kim has us doing a little ‘eavesdropping’ in the Pub


The sound of rain dropping
From the eaves takes me back
To a wet summer night
To a wooden cabin and girls,
Giggling from their bunks,
As they eavesdrop on
Their counselor kissing a boy
Behind the building where
No one would ever know

On Cloud Nine

Poetic Bloomings – PROMPT #214 – YOUR NUMBER’S UP
Marie Elana and Walt have challenged us to use a phrase with a number in it as the prompt for our poeming this week.

On Cloud Nine
There was no light-hearted laughter
On cloud nine
No warm feeling of joy prevailed
On cloud nine
Clouds one through eight sang, but not
On cloud nine

There was bickering and tears
On cloud nine
Angry gray feelings abounded
On cloud nine
Until no more could be held
On cloud nine
And down poured all the grief upon the earth
From cloud nine

We’ve had non-stop rain here for two days.

Rain Beau

2017 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 14
It’s Two-For-Tuesday again.
write a sonnet or another traditional form – or not


Rain Beau

strolling beneath raindrops
like a package with a bow
magenta slicker – color pops
walking between raindrops
umbrella spinning like a top
wellies – neon green, they glow
strolling beneath raindrops
like a package with a bow


Rainy Day

It’s rain(rein)(reign)ing in the Pub today


Rainy Day

it’s raining toads and frogs
and pink spotted hogs
I’m jumping in puddles
of pudding with sprinkles
when clouds of horses gallop
overhead and I grab the reins
and ride to the kingdom of
Bumbershoot where the Queen
of Wellies and the King of
Macintosh reign and
old men snore

Praying for Rain

Praying for Rain

I pray for rain – a fervent
supplication for
heavy, driving rain to wash
away my tears
I pray for clouds to reign
in the sky – blotting out
all traces of the sparkling sun
a grayness covering the memory
of your smile
I pray for thunder that rumbles
rattling windows and shaking
my soul until it becomes numb
and I can trudge onward
I pray for winds to whip and toss
my sorrow into tatters – small
pieces that can be endured
one at a time
I pray for the calm that follows
a storm where my grief can
learn to live