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No Longer Kings

Poetics: Bold Tributes

“The five kings count the dead but do not soften
The crusted wound nor pat the brow;”
⁃ Dylan Thomas
from, ‘The Hand That Signed the Paper Felled a City’


No Longer Kings


When I asked about ‘the five kings’ they said
count the dead’ and then come back
so, I go quietly out ‘but do not’ look for
dead to count, instead I find a way to ‘soften
the crusted wound’ upon this fragile land
a song to sing to bless the ones who sacrifice
a word to mend the tear dividing brothers
not just to sooth the flame ‘nor pat the brow
but open eyes and hearts and minds
a prayer that kings will leave their thrones
and we no longer need to count our dead


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The Supplicant

In the Imaginary Garden it’s –
Fireblossom Friday : escape to the past
Of the pictures we could choose from for inspiration, this is the one that spoke to me


They taught me to bow my head
To repeat a penitent’s prayer
Lower my eyes
And quiet my voice
Say no thank you
Yes please
Be seen
Not heard
But no one thought
To teach me
How to live