I’m a little late joining the party at NaPoWriMo

It’s already Day 10! Today we are writing ‘portrait’ poems

Dag (not Dad)

Blue eyes that sparkled
And a smile –
Always a smile

He whistled tunes
While working or
Reading or doing nothing

The house was happy
When he was home
Quite dull when he wasn’t

Now I stand looking at a stranger
Stretched out before me
Eyes closed, straight line mouth

No music

The Portrait


I am the poser
You are my painter
You color me with reds

and yellows, orange
Colors that burn my skin
torch my soul

You slash and splash
upon the canvas
While I long for cooling blues

soothing green
the gentle touch of
a fine haired brush

So I will wait until
you turn away
then I will color you


Mag 306
painting by Cesar Santos