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Four Again

If only we were four
I’d give you the last
cherry popsicle
and let you jump in
the pool first
If only we were four
I’d share my hot dog
with you
and even put ketchup
on it because that’s
how you like it
If only we were four
I would hold your hand
and give you big hugs
and cry when you had
to go home
just for today
we could be four

Poetic Bloomings  :An Entertaining Summer #25 – Butterflies

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To My Son

You take my hand
and follow me with
unsteady steps and
simple trust
that I will lead you safely through
the springtime of your life

You run ahead
I follow close to
keep you safe from
unknown threats
as you skip playfully
through the summer of your life

Side by side
we walk along
companions in a life
of shared memories
your arm around my shoulder
as we stroll through the autumn of my life

You take my hand
I follow you with
unsteady steps and
simple trust
that you will lead me safely through
the winter of my life

posted at Poetic Bloomings  for the July PAD 5

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as dusk pulls open the
dark curtain of
a summer night
flashes of light rise up
from the grassy stage
signaling messages of love
in the stillness while
stars twinkle brightly
in perfect accompaniment
from my front row seat
I clap with joy, watching
this magical light show
put on by
Heaven & Earth Productions


Poetic Bloomings  July PAD #2