Oh How It Grows

Poem One for Me–dVerse Quadrille
Victoria has us poeming at the Pub today

Oh, How It Grows

It was just a word
Or two
The beginning of a rhyme
Or not
No telling what it might become
With time
And a little TLC, a tonic, a potion
A shot of moon dust
Oh, how it grows
This little poemlette of mine


Stray Poem

d’Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille #44
De is getting a “kick” out of writing a Quadrille today
Here is my #2


Stray Poem

this poem has been kicked
to the curb
locked out of
the house
shut down

its been rained on
stepped on
flung into a tree
covered with snow

abandoned like
a stray


until my heart
opened a window
and beckoned it
to return

No Regrets

2017 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 5
Write a “self-destruct” poem


No Regrets


this poem is on the path to self-


it drinks in moonbeams

to excess

and inhales the smoky incense

of lavender and thyme

it stays up all night to

commune with the stars

and consumes the sweet

nectar of spring blossoms

until it is in a stupor

this poem is on the path to self


and it has no regrets

Outsider Poet

Outsider Art – in the Garden

outside(r) poet

i wrote outside today
so letters could bask in the warm sun
before being marched one by one
into sentences
so vowels could jump up and down
in mud puddles (sometimes y too)
so consonants could recline
under a shady tree and maybe catch some
journal pages waved to each other
as a breeze passed by
and pencils rolled dizzily in the grass
then when clouds made it hard to see
i gathered everyone into my arms and
put them into a cozy poem

Swing On

NaPoWriMo Day Twenty – vocabulary of a sport or game

Swing On

Let’s take a swing at
This poeming thing maybe
Write a birdie or two (in the bush)
I’ll iron the wrinkles out of my
Sentences if they’re not up to par
Maybe wedge a rhyme in there sometime
Let my muse be the driver until she put(t)s
A hole in (my) one heart and turns it
Green with envy
Let’s take a swing at
This poeming thing
And see if it will take wing like an eagle

A Poem Takes Flight

Weekend Mini Challenge: Thought Animals

Kimis our host in the Garden  this weekend

A Poem Takes Flight


Like a small caterpillar
My thoughts grow
Fed with nibbles of ink
And syllables

Bit by bit they become bigger
Until they’ve out grown
Their small skin – shedding
Unwanted ideas and trite phrases

Growing longer and wiser
My words curl up, take a break
Transform into a poem
Then spread their wings and fly

Word Weary

this poem is a little
strained and
across the page
it’s been reworked
rolled up
ironed out
let out – taken in
stitched to
crinkled in my pocket
erased and re-
in crayon
this poem is


the Wednesday prompt at Poetic Asides today is – stained