Casting Nets

Camera FLASH!
An image prompt from the Imaginary Garden



by Thomas Eakins (1910)

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Casting Nets

They tossed their empty nets
into the deep unknown
expecting them to
fill with treasure – the kind that
would make them rich, or famous,
or a genius and when they hauled
them in they found nothing but
tarnished trinkets that added nothing
to their lives
I filled my net with love and tossed
it into the murky waters of despair
and when I tugged it back to me
found it was filled with peace


Alone Behind


I am left behind

I am a shell – an

essence of what I

once was

I am no longer a

pillow for the blonde

haired boy’s head

I miss the laughter, the

tears, the tiny sounds he

emitted in his sleep

He left me to be

vandalized by small

terrorists who followed him

With eyes missing and one

ear dangling

I am left behind