Rolled Over by the Good Times

d’Verse Poets Pub – Poetics: Mardi Gras Mambo

Rolled Over by the Good Times


This poem is flat on its back
Decked out in beads
Passed by and forgotten
Its party days are over
No words left to dance through
These vacant lines on blank paper
It will now march to the beat
Of a different meter – slow down
Become reflective, introspective
Make each syllable accountable
Tread hand-in-hand with its muse
On soft iambic feet

Party Girlie

d’Verse Poets Pub: Quadrille – balloon
De has us up in the air with balloons today


Party Girlie

I’m feeling rather bal(loony)
No one pulling my strings
No longer anchored by
Heavy thoughts
Floating along with whichever
Wind blows the sweetest
Bobbing through the day seemingly
Without direction or purpose
Looking for a party or some
Celebration where I can
Be me