The Bravery of Clouds

Poetic Asides PAD – Day 16 – brave

The Bravery of Clouds

I wish I could be brave
Like the clouds – unafraid
Of change, of seeking new
Horizons – willing
To show their true colors
To share their bad moods,
Their joy, their tears without
Remorse and then move on

Old Women

Old Women

There are no ‘old’ women
Some women have lived longer
Loved deeper
Cried more tears
Some women have laughed louder
Felt greater loss
Faced more danger
Some women have worked harder
Given more
Hoped longer
But there are no ‘old’ women

Poetic Asides Nov PAD – thinking out loud

Things I Love

Things I Love

There is no logic to the things I love
The creamy froth on my chai latte
Morning dew on a spider’s web
The clean, calming scent of lavender
In my garden as I pass by
The giddy anticipation I feel when
Packing my suitcase for a trip
The glow of a promise made
When I look at the gold band on my finger

Nov PAD Day 18 at Poetic Asides

A Wire Poem

Love Note
Send me a wire
A tweet
A message

Write it on paper
Or in the sand

Put it in a bottle
For me to find along the shore
Write it in the clouds
Trail it behind a plane

Pound it out on a
Hollow log
Call me

Come knock on my door
Look in my eyes
Tell me you love me

Nov PAD day 5 at Poetic Asides

Imagine If

Imagine If

The moon has gone to the dark side
Leaving only stars to light the night
Battles break out between Orion
And The Sisters about who will rule
The Milky Way curdles
The dippers spill out the space junk
They’ve been collecting while
The Bull charges madly across the sky
And we are left spooning by the
Light of The Swan

PAD day 4 at Poetic Asides