Dream Boat

Weekend Mini Challenge: Boats
Welcome to the Weekend Mini Challenge with Kim from writinginnorthnorfolk.com!

Dream Boat

a little boat floated out to sea
a boat that carried you and me

it gently bobbed upon the waves
we played we were a couple knaves

without a worry, no thought or care
we journeyed forward, unaware

until the wind began to blow
and waves to monsters seemed to grow

it tossed us over and around
up in the air – we will be drowned

we clung together – you and me
then suddenly it set us free

it was the sound of mother’s voice
that gave the monster little choice

my bear and I will sail no more
our dream boat will remain on shore




tin stars pasted to a dark sky
paper moon is an illusion
a crystal dove that can not fly
a dream filled with dire confusion
a mind trap of grim delusion
please come to me to save my soul
with murmured words of allusion
to light and free flight – make me whole

This week Paloma has introduced us to the Huitain form of poetry.
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