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Just Us

Who doesn’t love Garden Gnomes
Just Us

It started like a bonfire
burning wildly in the night
threatening to become
uncontrollable, dangerous
a conflagration
consuming us both
but we held tight – wouldn’t
let go until the flame became
our friend, warming us
comforting us, drawing us close
and now that flame burns steadily
a constant glow
lighting the dark places
a beacon to guide us home
a fire that will not die
as long two hearts beat

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green season

it was the green season
the perfect time
to sow love
in the fertile soil of
a new relationship
water it with
gentle tears of joyfulness
warm it with smiles
then watch the tender shoots
of fancy become strong
enough to bind two hearts

d’Verse Poets Quadrille # 19 – green

& Tuesday Platform at Real Toads