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Peace Once More

Another Double Elevenie for NaPoWriMo Day Twenty-three


Peace Once More


hard, brittle

surrounds my heart

protection from his lies



finding cracks

letting in love

learning to trust again


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Last Night

NaPoWriMo Day twenty-three – a double elevenie


Last Night – (a double elevenie)



Blue squares

Pieced and stitched

Tucked under my chin



Feathery soft

Beneath my head

Tired eyes drift closed


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Full Circle Gardening

NaPoWriMo Day Twenty two – a georgic poem

Full Circle Gardening

They dug out all that was free
That was natural
And imported exotic plants
Or hybrids with no value
But their beauty
They plowed up the meadows
And surrounded themselves
With lawns that must be tended
Then wondered where the bees
And butterflies had gone
And wrung their hands and
Shook their heads
Turned to science to ‘fix’ the problem
And science at last said, “Plant what’s natural”

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NaPoWriMo Day Twenty one – an overheard conversation
There’s a little eavesdropping going on today.


I had a stroke” of genius
A flash of brilliance once
Upon a time
Like fireworks in a summer sky
All razzel-dazzel
Bursts of color
Ooooos and aaahhhhs
It was a sparkler of an idea
That sizzled and danced
In the dark until it burned
Itself out and only ashes remained

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Swing On

NaPoWriMo Day Twenty – vocabulary of a sport or game

Swing On

Let’s take a swing at
This poeming thing maybe
Write a birdie or two (in the bush)
I’ll iron the wrinkles out of my
Sentences if they’re not up to par
Maybe wedge a rhyme in there sometime
Let my muse be the driver until she put(t)s
A hole in (my) one heart and turns it
Green with envy
Let’s take a swing at
This poeming thing
And see if it will take wing like an eagle

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Vacation Pics

NaPoWriMo Day Eighteen – Neologism
We’re making up words today

Vacation Pics

I always pack my camera or
At least my phone (same thing)
I’m that person snapping away
While the tour guide drones on
About some obscure moment in
The history of this building or
That person – details I’ll never recall
Instead I’m capturing the beauty –
Architecture of each city
Flora and fauna of every village
And hamlet, the people living their
Everyday, ordinary lives
Storefronts and houses
Reflected in every door,
Outlined in every window I find
Myself, camera in hand- proof
That I was there ’cause
I have taken a ‘doorfie’