Just to Fly Free

d’Verse Poets – Meeting the Bar — Reverse Poetry
Frank is tending bar and has us beginning at the end by writing a reverse poem.
Here is my short offering

Just to Fly Free

Watching the Monarchs,
You and I,
Battered and faded,
determined to finish
some plan for life
the hand of nature dealt
Without ever knowing why
If the goal is accomplished
Just to fly free is enough

Deep in the Night

Sometimes when I’m all alone
When light has surrendered
Darkness blurs the lines
Then fantasy rules the night

When light has surrendered
I quickly take to my bed
Pull the covers over my head

Darkness blurs the lines
Right and wrong are blended
Into imaginary possibilities

Then fantasy rules the night
I peek from my hiding place
Watching as dreams perform


At dVerse Poets Pub we are challenged to use the Trimeric form