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Set Me Free

There is nothing free about this verse.

It has me tethered to my pen with the timer set for enough minutes to make a cup of tea. Instead here I sit, not free but tethered.

I could be watching something mindless on tv but instead I am bound by ink to this page, not free.

These minutes could have been used for online shopping – it is almost Christmas, you know. But I am tethered to a notebook, not free at all.

A prisoner to words pouring onto this page once blank. The timer ticks out a rhythm and my pen follows, dragging me along, dragging my feet, my mind and on the other end of time my muse sits grinning. She has her feet up, doing her nails – oh, yes, I could have done my nails in these minutes!

This verse is not free. It has me tethered by sentences until – ding!


Today at Meet the Bar over at dVerse Poets Pub we were challenged to set a timer and do some free writing