Cordially Invited


photo by Tom Chambers


You are cordially invited
deer, the invitation read,
to a dinner in your honor
so I donned my finest
white dress and brushed
my hair until it shone
cleaned the dirt from
under my fingernails
pinched my cheeks to
give them a blush of color
I brushed up on my table
manners and witty repartee
memorized some famous
poems and read the top
news stories of the day
I arrived promptly at the
appointed hour only to find
there was no spelling error
in that invitation (I had assumed
the “deer”was me)
and I would not be sitting in the
place of honor today

Mag 312

We Two

Mag 310


painting by David Ligare


we two gathered and
communed with white
bread and grape juice
sharing secrets of our
lives, our fervent hopes,
our irrational fears
giving voice to weaknesses
and acknowledgement
to strengths
we hummed the anthems
of our ancestors and looked
to the rising sun
until through the private
of this meager fair
we found peace




photo by Daniem Derouene


you think I don’t see you
watching my every move
ready to cry foul at

the slightest beat of my heart
but I can read your soul
in the flash of your eyes

I’m not the one who
doesn’t play fair


Mag 309

The Portrait


I am the poser
You are my painter
You color me with reds

and yellows, orange
Colors that burn my skin
torch my soul

You slash and splash
upon the canvas
While I long for cooling blues

soothing green
the gentle touch of
a fine haired brush

So I will wait until
you turn away
then I will color you


Mag 306
painting by Cesar Santos

From the Flowers


(painting by Stanley Spencer)

In your hubris you
think I bloom for only you
that I exist to
color your world
perfume your air
You are so bold to
pluck me from my
roots, bundle me,
present me as
a gift from you
But I bloom for
myself alone
even the birds and
the bees do not
own me
My scent and hue
are secrets you
can never know
though you may try
I am a world unto
and I hold the universe
in a single seed

Mag 306 is this panting of Christ in the Wilderness by Stanely Spencer

Moby Me


~~       photo by Caroline Knopf

I am the white whale
you seek – not meek
I watch the horizon
patiently waiting
until you appear
flinging words
like swords
that pierce with
each syllable
but this time
I will counter
with a gentleness
meant to disarm
and I will capture you


Mag 305

Don’t Clasp Too Tightly


(photo from Magpie Tales)

hesitation is my name
i know you well
you are the child
who stands on the edge
of fun, afraid you might
say or do the wrong thing
frightened of the laughter
should you fall
waiting for an invitation
to join the fraternity
of the playground
i stand silently beside you
holding your hand just
long enough-just until
it’s too late to jump on
life’s merry-go-round
but do not clasp my hand
too tightly for soon
regret will take my place

light and dark


(photo by Tess Kincaid)

seekers of light
we turn our backs to
the darkness

pretend it doesn’t exist
admire the shiny lights
the baubles that twinkle

call loudly to us ” look at me”
and we can not hear the
whispers of nightly struggles

bright star lures us closer
warms our cold hearts until
we turn to embrace those who

live in the shadows

A Tweet Event


chickadee and sparrow
sent out the invitations
to owl and hawk and nuthatch
the perfect combination

blue jay was included too
she’s really quite precocious
magpie was excluded since
his manners are atrocious