A glass of wine – or two
and some smooth jazz sent me
spinning into a world of Giant
Amoeba and exploding neurons
A colorful world with ever changing landscapes,
exotic, erotic flowers, menacing rocks and boulders
I ran as fast as I could, but my feet
became planted beside a river of
flowing, neon flower petals where glowing, shapeless creatures
came to pick the fruit from my branches
until I was naked and shivering
It was then that your gentle touch lifted me
out of the chaos and back to the warmth of your heart

Day One

All Jazzed Up

d’Verse Poets Pub -Jazz poetry with Amaya
All Jazzed Up


this poem is all jazzed up
hair slicked back
one cool cat, man

a take the (A) train
eyes torch song
kinda poem


the heart of this poem
is laying down
a hope-you-dig-me
crazy beat

noodling a jive tune
to tell you –
before you split –

you send me