Garden Games

d’Verse Poets Pub – Games night!
Sarah has us playing computer games. I chose the following three

Elder scrolls
Space war

I walk through the rows
By tourchlight, my trowel
In hand, a packet of seeds
In my pocket
Trying to plant the ‘old’ way
Under the light of the moon
Following the method written
In the elder scrolls –
Hoping that at harvest time
Peas and beans and squash
Will be engaged in space wars

Heirloom Gardening

Weekend Mini Challenge: People and Places
Welcome to the Weekend Mini Challenge with Kim from!

Heirloom Gardening

she spent the summer bent over
and I watched from my kitchen window

an old woman with a cane she used to search for
and I was the beneficiary of her labor

now I am the old woman in a garden
sowing seeds
by her
and I harvest a bit of her with each picking

Wistful Gardening

In Case You Missed THE LIST–dVerse Meeting the Bar
Victoria is checkin our lists over at the Pub

Wistful Gardening

every Spring I make new lists
seeds I want to start
plants I want to buy
bulbs I should move
natives that need divided
I buy a new journal to
track progress
and fails
record weather
bird sightings
butterfly activity
and every Fall I find those lists
tucked in the back of
an empty journal

Im(portent) Moon


I planted peas by your
lambent (nightl)light
and started tomatoes
according to your (de)signs
I mowed and sowed
and flowed with the charts
you waxed poetic in
blossoms – white as light
I danced in your fullness
until waning, not complaining
we rested at the dawn
and yet this gonzo gardening
asks no pardoning from the sun


Poetic Asides PAD 28 – “Important (blank)”

Spring To Do List

order seeds
check the mail
order more seeds
check the mail
get some potting soil
check the mail
set up the grow light
check the mail
find the planting trays
check the mail
thank the mailman
fill the trays with dirt
gently nestle seeds in
cover with light blanket of soil
keep warm
seeds poke through the soil
turn on grow light


We’re making list at B&Ps Shadorma & Beyond – MLMM