Tenebrous Friend

Tenebrous Friend



We revel in the light

Hang stings of sparkling bulbs

to help us forget that darkness

exists, to erase our fears of unknown

matter. We turn our backs on

the night and worship the sun

How quickly we forget that nightfall

is the one friend that will keep our secrets



A Silent Friend

d’Verse Poets Pub – MTB: Phantom Form — Shadorma

A Silent Friend

the fog knows
small secrets we keep
what we hide
from the light
like a good friend who won’t tell
what has been whispered


They Say


they say the moon is just some rock
a collection of debris leftover
from a gigantic space collision
an orbiting satellite on a fixed rotation
but my moon is soft and gentle
a glowing nightlight
a midnight friend who
sings love songs to my muse


Poetic Asides PAD Day 2 – he said/she said

Hiding Moon


gentle moon
hums a simple tune
with eyes closed
hides behind cloudy
thinks I won’t see him
I’ll free him from
listening to my
dreams or my
midnight screams
but I know I can
depend on him
my childhood


Poetic Asides Wednesday Prompt is “hidden”

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