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Collaboration for Peace – 35


photo by Mish

Uncommon Friend

some say you
don’t belong
don’t fit in
a nonconformist –

and so they
give you a chance

but you are bright and
adding zing to my
dull life

zest to my ordinary days
balance to my humble story

and I am better for
knowing you

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They Say


they say the moon is just some rock
a collection of debris leftover
from a gigantic space collision
an orbiting satellite on a fixed rotation
but my moon is soft and gentle
a glowing nightlight
a midnight friend who
sings love songs to my muse


Poetic Asides PAD Day 2 – he said/she said

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Hiding Moon


gentle moon
hums a simple tune
with eyes closed
hides behind cloudy
thinks I won’t see him
I’ll free him from
listening to my
dreams or my
midnight screams
but I know I can
depend on him
my childhood


Poetic Asides Wednesday Prompt is “hidden”

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