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NaPoWriMo Day Twenty one – an overheard conversation
There’s a little eavesdropping going on today.


I had a stroke” of genius
A flash of brilliance once
Upon a time
Like fireworks in a summer sky
All razzel-dazzel
Bursts of color
Ooooos and aaahhhhs
It was a sparkler of an idea
That sizzled and danced
In the dark until it burned
Itself out and only ashes remained

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as dusk pulls open the
dark curtain of
a summer night
flashes of light rise up
from the grassy stage
signaling messages of love
in the stillness while
stars twinkle brightly
in perfect accompaniment
from my front row seat
I clap with joy, watching
this magical light show
put on by
Heaven & Earth Productions


Poetic Bloomings  July PAD #2