Rise and Shine(on)

feeling jam(b)- led
in my jam –
mies waiting for
the sun to rise
& shine on (harvest
hum(ming) tunies in
my bed(head) till the tick-
tock sings a-
long song and my toot-
toot, tootsies hit the floor


ok, for some reason I felt compelled to try another enjambment

toast & and jam(b)

i’ll try a little em-
jam(b)-ment with my toast
and tea(se)
be (my)honey stir-
red cuppa to start
my morning rit(u)al-
ways make me
s    m   i   l   e


Whew! De Jackson challenged us to try emjam(b)min’ with her over at the Pub. I was de-termined to give it a try