PAD Aftermath

d’Verse – May ’17

Quadrille – echo
De has us listening for echoes over at d’Verse Poets Pub

PAD Aftermath

there is nothing left
an empty chamber
cleared of words, rhymes
no letters lying about
ink blots flung on the walls
no thought or even ideas
can be found rattling around
my muse is on hiatus
not even an echo of a poem remains


d’verse Poets Pub – Poetics : The River

Paul Dear is the guest bartender at the Pub tonight and he’s got things flowing with the prompt ‘The River’

I wrote a river of words
In rhyme, free verse, sonnet
Then I built a little boat
And sailed from one end
Of your heart to the other
Avoiding rapids of heartbeats
And ripples of emotions
Listening for the echo of love
And hear only silence

The Monarch


With my camera I capture you

Echo,   View

I see details that were hidden

Echo,  Unbidden

Fine veins on tender wings

Eco,   Heart sings

Slender antenae atop your head

Echo,   Spread

Pollen on your body and legs

Echo,   Begs

Proboscis sipping flower nectar

Echo,   Specter

Majestic monarch wiil you fly

Echo,   High

Away to live or stay and fade away

Echo,   Prey


Echo poetry form