Clouds Do Not Apologize

Day 4 – an apologetic poem

Clouds Do Not Apologize


The clouds do not apologize to
The sun when they step in front
And prevent it from shining
They do not regret the nights
When they keep the moon glow
To themselves under a heavy blanket
They feel no remorse when they
Gather up the stars and hide them
In a cloudy pocket
But there are times when they
Glance down upon the earth
See the sadness scattered there
And they cry

Look For Me

Flash 55 Plus – Songs that make you cry
(Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton)


I will save you a seat –
if I get there first
I’ll drape my sweater,
the blue one that
matches your eyes,
over the back of the
chair next to mine
I will put my bag on
the seat so no one
will take your place,
and wave so you
can find my soul