Collaboration for Peace – 52 Pass it On

We did it!! We set out, 52 poems and photos ago, to collaborate in bringing peace to this cyber-village of poets. In the process we each found a kindred soul and a shared passion that was not bound by borders. Now that we have reached our goal, we are asking you to continue this journey of peace. Reach out to a fellow poet or photographer (amateur or otherwise). Combine your talents to express your thoughts about peace and inspire others to do the same. At the very least, you will challenge each other, and make a meaningful connection from across the miles. Let us know in the comments if you have decided to take on the challenge. We would love to hear from you and follow your collaboration.

For our last post for “Collaboration for Peace”, Mish and I decided to share our answers to some questions about PEACE. Feel free to add your own thoughts in the comments.


Photo: Candace Kubinec

What does peace look like to you?

Candy:  Peace is a moment (or two) of calmness in a busy life. A time without fear or worry.

Mish: It’s not about rainbows and butterflies, peace signs and such. For me, peace looks like a world united, with non judgemental faces and open minds.


Photo: Mish

How do you experience inner peace?

Candy:  Being outdoors is where I find peace to quiet my inner self, to prioritize. As an introvert, I need those moments to recharge.

Mish: When I feel turmoil in my life, I try to remind myself of my priorities, what truly matters in my life and eliminate the “small stuff” that gets in the way. I find inner peace when I am in nature, examining a wildflower in the woods or watching a hawk soaring above me. I think the simplicity of nature has many lessons for discovering inner peace.


Photo: Mish

What do you believe needs to happen for peace to happen?

Candy:  We need to learn to respect others and appreciate our differences. And then follow up with actions that demonstrate that respect. A genuine smile goes a long way to promoting peace.

Mish: We have to break free from societal walls. We need to build bridges instead of walls. Respect and embrace our differences. Become part of the melting pot. Let go of our fears. Stop celebrating any country as the strongest or the best. No country is better than another. These arrogant personas do not support the goals of peace.


Photo: Candace Kubinec

What can we do as individuals to promote peace in the world?

Candy:  Don’t give in to what is popular but do what you know is right. If you want to promote peace in the world it must start in your own neighborhood – a ripple of peace that will spread outward.

Mish: Reach out. Speak to others who look nothing like you. Learn first hand about their culture and beliefs. Give up the stereotypes. Become educated before you speak. Make connections. You will be enriched and enlightened.

Thank you to all of you who have “liked”, commented and supported our Collaboration for Peace project. We hope you continue our journey of peace.
We leave you now with our final collaboration, a poem written by Candy and a photo taken from one of  Mish’s most peaceful places.


Photo: Mish

Peace Enough

I wish you peace enough
to last not just for tomorrow
but until we no longer
need to wish

I wish you peace enough
to share with those you love
and those you fear
so you may fear less

I wish you peace enough
to carry you through
turbulence and pain
so your heart may smile again

I wish you peace enough
to calm your inner self
then ripple out from you
to calm your world


Thanks to Mish for taking a chance on a stranger in this journey.

You can find more of Mish’s words and photography at  mishunderstood

Collaboration for Peace – 51





Shadows still play
On the path to peace
Veins of the vicious
Testing our strength
To reach for the light

Dodge the darkness
Stretch your arms
To the sun
Embrace the heart
Of humanity

© Mish

Stay tuned next Sunday for our final post for Collaboration for Peace. This has been an amazing experience. We hope to pass on the torch of peace to you, that you will join in the power of creativity and kindness to inspire others.

Collaboration for Peace – 47





Why are we backpedaling
While currents of clarity
Still flow at our feet?
How does one drop of impurity
Poison our possibilities?
When are we accountable
For the inevitable,
Witnesses to the destruction?

We are the ripples of hope
On waters, stagnant
The ancient sunlight shimmer
Dancing over shadows
We are the reflections
Of persistent hands of change
And this world did not evolve
Without us


Visit Mish at mishunderstood

Collaboration for Peace – 44

Mish and I are back after our holiday hiatus with another collaboration.

This week Mish provided the photo that inspired my words. Hope it inspires you also.


Photo by Mish


Reach Up, Reach Out

I reach up
Spread my arms
To embrace the sky

The sky that looks
Down on every person –
Like and unlike me

Every person receives
Equal share of the day
And the night

The sun and stars
The moon lights the
Corners of darkness

Regardless of color or shape
Weeping or joy
We’re all the same

I reach out
To embrace the world
That the sky looks
Down upon in peace

Collaboration for Peace – 43


Photo by Mish


Free Fall

we’re free falling
flying without wings
hands clasped
at the cord that binds
us to the past
leaving behind the strife
the worries
the discord
and drifting into the
open arms of peace


Mish and I are taking a short break. We’ll be back with more photos and poetry in January. Our goal is to reach 52 posts – a whole year of collaboration!