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At the Fair with Rod


Come with me to the sea
Where ferris wheels spin lovers
To the stars and Merry-go-round
Steeds gallop around the world

We’ll dip our toes into the waves
Feed french fries to the sea gulls
Then trace each other’s lips
With cotton candy fingers

I’ll toss rings until I win
The biggest prize for you
The big black bear with a red
Ribbon tied in a bow around its neck

Let’s have our pictured snapped
In a booth, making funny faces
Smiling with goofy grins, kissing
So we will remember in old age

Follow me to the water’s edge
We’ll spread a blanket on the sand
And feast on hot dogs until dark
Then wrapped in sun-warmed arms

Dream until tomorrow comes

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Round and Round


A carnival doesn’t come alive

Until the sun goes down

The bright snap of multi-color

Neon outlines the ferris wheeeee-l

And the swaying riders in the

Top car are silhouetted against

The night sky