Poor Little Poem

Poor Little Poem



This poem’s not feeling very bold

In fact it feels a little cold

Its edges have begun to fold

Its ink is fading, truth be told

The muse has hassled and cajoled

But its ideas seem worn and old




And unsold



A Bold Poem

NaPoWriMo Day twenty four – ekphrastic poem based on Medieval marginalia



A Bold Poem

This poem will not be marginalized

Pushed aside by lions with violins

Cats playing bagpipes or rabbits with knives

It will not become some colored squiggle

Along the edges of a page

This poem is BOLD and brave

Its words SHOUT and wave for attention

For a proper introduction, adulation

Each sentence marches across the page

Following the one before, confidently,

From corner to corner, leaving no room for

Naves and scoundrels

Wide Open

It’s all about WALLS in the Garden today

Wide Open

some might build walls
for protection
for isolation
for immunity
after their hearts have
been broken
keeping other hearts out
fearing more damage
but I will keep my heart open
to life as it comes
each bruise or tear
making it smater, stronger –