Spider’s Web

Spider’s Web

I leave the abandoned spider’s web,
empty and lifeless, in the corner of the back porch

an offering for the goldfinches and humming birds, which
they will use as the glue that holds their small nests together,

a shield against wind and rain when eggs hatch – protection
from harm until the hatchlings fledge

instead, I sit in a pool of morning sun and ponder love,
the spider’s web that holds a family together – safe and secure

Master Builder

Octain Refrain; Meeting the Bar
at d’Verse  Poets, Victoria has given us another form to challenge our little gray cells

I watched a robin build a nest
high in the branches of that tree
where it was safe, no one could see

It didn’t ask what I’d suggest
or seem to care that I was there
although I’m sure I was a pest

I sat as still as I could be
And watched a robin build a nest