Short Apology

Short Apology

it was a short retort
you know –
the kind that sounds
like a snort
but it’s not
more like a blurt
not intended to hurt
your feelings
but it did

Posted this over at Poems of Garden Gnomes. It’s a new (or should I say re-newed) place for all you poets out there. Check it out.



does the rose feel regret
that its perfume is so sweet

is the thorn remorseful
over its sting

will the rooster hang its head
in shame for waking you

can a weed excuse itself
for invading your garden

does the deer hide,
shamefaced, after eating your tomatoes

is a caterpillar contrite
for nibbling the cabbage leaves

nature does not apologize
for its wonder

and are you not, as you are
sweet, twisted, noisy, quiet
part of that wonder