The Squirrel Forest

The Squirrel Forest

She laughs at the squirrel running
back and forth across her yard
frantically burying acorns in random

places. Will it ever remember
each spot so it can return in barren
winter to dig up that morsel?

She knows that in the spring
she will be pulling saplings from
her flower beds, left overs from

some hidden bounty. As she watches,
she wanders if it might have been squirrels
that planted the forest at the edge of her yard.

Bye Bye Guy

There’s a Boogeyman in the Garden today – eeek!

Bye Bye Guy

You’d better boogey (on down
the road) man
Crawl out from under the
Bed and boog-a-loo, bugaboo
Make yourself scarce – crow
And fly back to your hidey-hole
So long Bubba yaga(tta)
Skedattle ’cause this gal
Has some dreamin’ to do