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bet you never expected …

Expect the Unexpected –
from Poems of Garden Gnomes

I’m way behind on this prompt -*blush*


bet you never expected …

this better-late-than-never poem
this hit-the-snooze-button-
once-too-often poem
this poem with really good intentions
but poor follow through
this bowed-head-
seeking-forgiveness poem
this hope-it’s-not-too-late-
to-play poem
standing here, blushing

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Red Dress

END OF THE LINE – Garden Gnomes  are turning things upside down. We are to start a new poem using the ending line from a poem written by someone else. Nice challenge, this.

A Poem Starting With An Ending Line From Henry Carlile

only a woman in a red dress
and tearful eyes
standing in a room full of
black-clad mourners
can teach us how to grieve boldly
yet still hold on the tenuous thread
that binds us to this world

using the last line from “The Cardinal” by Henry Carlile

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My Tall Lamp

Poems of Garden Gnomes – THAT AIN’T RIGHT!
What is just out of reach of your left hand? – it is the stuff of poems (written by garden gnomes)

My Tall Lamp


it does not care who
needs its glow or why
it shines its 60 watts
for anyone who asks
and does not judge or
criticize it spreads its
incandescent warmth
on my blank page
chasing shadows from
my thoughts and erasing
the darkness from a
moonless night

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The Garden Gnomes are writing Fall Acrostics today



Maybe someday
I will understand the mystery of the
Great migration – when
Raptors and geese
And swallows heed some ancient
Tocsin to leave behind the Northern autumn
In search of warmer rays in the South
One day maybe I will follow them
Never to return

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Praying for Rain

Praying for Rain

I pray for rain – a fervent
supplication for
heavy, driving rain to wash
away my tears
I pray for clouds to reign
in the sky – blotting out
all traces of the sparkling sun
a grayness covering the memory
of your smile
I pray for thunder that rumbles
rattling windows and shaking
my soul until it becomes numb
and I can trudge onward
I pray for winds to whip and toss
my sorrow into tatters – small
pieces that can be endured
one at a time
I pray for the calm that follows
a storm where my grief can
learn to live

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Just Us

Who doesn’t love Garden Gnomes
Just Us

It started like a bonfire
burning wildly in the night
threatening to become
uncontrollable, dangerous
a conflagration
consuming us both
but we held tight – wouldn’t
let go until the flame became
our friend, warming us
comforting us, drawing us close
and now that flame burns steadily
a constant glow
lighting the dark places
a beacon to guide us home
a fire that will not die
as long two hearts beat