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Shoe Blues

Writing Shoes – putting on some ‘shoes’ for a walk in the Garden today

Shoe Blues

My walking shoes took off on some urgent journey
Without leaving a track to follow back
And my sneakers are tip-toeing around the house
Tied up in knots
Loafers are on the couch binge watching Footloose
Didn’t even bring a penny
Slippers keep sliding down the hall
Trying to get to the bedroom
Kitten heels are chasing duck boots through the garden
Startling my muck shoes, hiding under the clogged jellies
And while my shoes are pairing up for life
I’m sitting here, barefoot, just writing a poem

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NaPoWriMo Day Twenty-seven – taste


The rules were clearly posted
No running
No eating
No touching
No, no, no ,no ……..
So we carefully, softly walked
From gallery to gallery pointing
From a distance – trying to
Read the details beside each work –
Whispering our opinions
A Cassatt, a Pollock, an O’Keefe
Landscapes, Outsider art, abstract
Stalked by the docent in polyester pants
That swished when she walked
Next time we’re going to the chocolate
Museum where there are samples for tasting

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The Last Poem In The World

NaPoWriMo Day Twenty-six – artifacts of the future

The Last Poem In The World

They found it – the explorers-
Tucked away in a strange box
That seemed to be made of real wood
A soft, fragrant wood that their
Archeologist claimed was cedar
Some species of an ancient plant
It was buried under rubble
Of what must have been a dwelling
A tightly folded piece of tattered
Paper – an faded artifact
Smudges of hand-written words
A plea for peace in a backward world

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Outsider Poet

Outsider Art – in the Garden

outside(r) poet

i wrote outside today
so letters could bask in the warm sun
before being marched one by one
into sentences
so vowels could jump up and down
in mud puddles (sometimes y too)
so consonants could recline
under a shady tree and maybe catch some
journal pages waved to each other
as a breeze passed by
and pencils rolled dizzily in the grass
then when clouds made it hard to see
i gathered everyone into my arms and
put them into a cozy poem

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NaPoWriMo Day Twenty five – small places


We had a breakfast nook
Two green wooden benches
With just enough room under the
Table for a small girl to slide
Underneath and hide
A dark, secret cave
A place to listen to the grown-ups
Gossip about family and neighbors –
Or so I thought
All they ever talked about was the weather
The price of milk and bread
And some painting I’d never seen –
A little picture with big ears

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d’Verse Poets Pub Quadrille #31 – still


every morning finds you sneaking out
peeking around a star as morning comes
tapping, flapping its arms in (de)light
you leave me moping, hoping to see you
when the sun sets its head upon a cloud
closes its shiny eyes – but
I love you still

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A Bold Poem

NaPoWriMo Day twenty four – ekphrastic poem based on Medieval marginalia



A Bold Poem

This poem will not be marginalized

Pushed aside by lions with violins

Cats playing bagpipes or rabbits with knives

It will not become some colored squiggle

Along the edges of a page

This poem is BOLD and brave

Its words SHOUT and wave for attention

For a proper introduction, adulation

Each sentence marches across the page

Following the one before, confidently,

From corner to corner, leaving no room for

Naves and scoundrels