Just Dirt

the dirt is not just
it is alive, striving,

to stay neutral
it is the magic
elixir, fixer

of plant life
and so ours too
it is dark,

dank, a bank
of crumbly gold
we make withdrawals

without checking
the balance
it is clay

and sandy
we walk all over it

just taking it
for granted

37 thoughts on “Just Dirt

  1. OH, goodness.
    “a bank
    of crumbly gold
    we make withdrawals

    without checking
    the balance”

    The double meanings here in both “bank” and “balance” are just exquisite, Candy.
    Your playful internal rhyme is a powerful juxtaposition to the heavy subject being handled…for me, it lends to the feeling our own carelessness in how we treat the earth.

    I simply love this piece.

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  2. I love these:

    “it is the magic
    elixir, fixer”

    “dank, a bank
    of crumbly gold”

    Actually, the whole thing is quite fantastic.


  3. I admire the turn from dirt of plant life, to the dirt we make on this planet – always withdrawals but never checking the balance ~

    Thanks for joining us Candy ~


  4. Dirt is earth’s epidermis, & when I was gardening with my wife, after a few moments when my hands were covered in dirt, i would get a rush, feeling at one, a “natural” man. But these days I can’t do the bending or squatting, so the thrill is gone. Your piece is marvelous; imaginative pick to rock the prompt with.


  5. Excellent idea to take your poem right down the basis of the all – the health of the soil. Without healthy soil we’d starve.


  6. This is wonderful. And being a gardener, I love dirt and have a great deal of respect for it. It is resting under a foot of snow now but that snow is helping compost enrich it. I loved dirt when I was a child even – the smell, the feel of it. Great stuff.


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